I love to empower my clients. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about me and what we accomplished together.

“Thanks Lori for all your insight, guidance and vision! It’s a pleasure working with you, you have an amazing eye not to mention your advice and encouragement which were tremendously helpful and appreciated!” 

Amanda Robinson — Outremont 

“My experience when Lori came to help me declutter my home was excellent. She came by punctually at 9 a.m. and, like an effortless breeze, swept through the door and visually scanned the contents and design room by room. I could tell she was forming a mental picture of how to best tackle the three hours we had together, making sure every minute was productive. Then the fun began as we decluttered, a little à la Marie Kondo with a mix of what I’d call ‘qi’. Things were weeded out and furniture was moved to improve the spatial disposition of the room and the unhindered flow of movement. I felt happy and exhausted by noon, as if I’d just come home from a long day of cycling. Lori, on the other hand, was still pumped full of energy. It is amazing how in just 3 hours, so much was done. You can tell that this is Lori’s passion. It was great fun and i enjoy my environment so much more. I would not hesitate to hire Lori again and recommend that you try her services, whether or not you are ready to part with some of your excess. She is an inspiring guide in this sort of journey and the benefits you may reap are very long lasting”. 

Grosvenor Avenue resident — Westmount 


“Dear Lori, thank you for your assistance. You have helped me feel proud of showing my house regardless of the appreciation of the potential buyer.

I think of you like “une etoile filante” in the night sky surrendering me. 

Take good care of yourself. This planet needs you.” 

Love, Solange Raymond — Westmount

Dear Lori – Thank you so very much for all your hard work! You are an angel! The cottage looks great! Many thanks again.”

Heidi Edwards — Dorval Island - Montréal

“I wanted to put my house up for sale, but the thought of preparing the house- with its years of accumulated "treasures" - was daunting and even debilitating. I was fortunate enough to have Lori's time and expertise gifted to me. This really was a life changing experience. The first thing that happens is that Lori gets to work - I mean immediately. And within a few hours, something magical happens. It does not only seem possible 

to get through it all, you actually see the transformation unfold very quickly. We systematically went through every room, tagging a manageable number of items that were for me and me alone to make decisions about. For everything else, Lori helped to either organize, relocate, or box. Within a few days this was a new home. We even got to work on the outside - and the garage - and she had fantastic tips for staging with what I had. It takes a commitment, but wow, it feels good. Another change happened too: getting on top of things at home benefited other areas of my life, and this now clear mind helped me get on top of stuff at work too. If you need help to get started, 

I simply cannot recommend her enough. The only down side, if you can even call it that, is that I liked this new home so much that I no longer wanted to put it on the market!”

Notre Dame de Grâce resident — Montréal 

“We worked with Lori to prepare our condo before putting it on the market. We weren't sure what to expect, but Lori really put us at ease and helped us to declutter without feeling like we were giving up a lot of our belongings. She helped us to stage the place in such a way that it still felt like our home, but would entice others to come and see it. Lori was a joy to work with; respectful, pleasant, easy going, and a hard worker. Most importantly, she was great with our dog!” 

Toni, Jean-Claude and Lucy (the dog) — Westmount 


"As suggested by my real estate agent, i contacted Lori from the firm ‘Love it or Leave it’. She offers de-cluttering, staging, organizing services. At first, I was hesitant because I was afraid that I would be told what to do or things would happen too fast. But quite the contrary, Lori was very respectful of the emotions one is experiencing as we are working through this momentous cleaning, not only of our house but also of our life. She has a good sense of humor when necessary, can give space when needed and can postpone more difficult decisions. She helped me a lot by gathering similar objects which allowed me to see that I might have too much of a good thing! Lori made it easier for me to make decisions (keep/donate/recycle/discard). By working together, I accelerated the de-cluttering of my house by several days if not weeks! That allowed me to put my house for sale in good time. I strongly recommend Lori's services”.

Johanne L'Hereux — St. Henri — Montréal 

"For me, Lori is magic! In just a few hours, she can transform total chaos into a pleasing livable space. She's a very hard worker, with a great sense of humor and a keen eye for layout and design. When she leaves I feel calm and grateful. Thank you, Lori." 

Pat Hardt — Notre Dame de Grâce 

"When I think of Lori, I smile. This angel was sent on my path this year when I decided to sell and downsize. From the moment she set foot in my house she made suggestions, helping me let go of 8 rooms and a basement full of "stuff". She is simply amazing, has a special eye for design, knows her colors, and is most respectful of objects (she knows that behind every item is a story). I would highly recommend her services, even if you are not moving. This gift to yourself is well worth it!" 

Andreé Hampson — Notre Dame de Grâce 

"Lori came to my home as part of a cleaning/organization intervention. The mess had built up for about 2 years. I was very impressed by Lori's superior skills. In only two sessions of  two hours  she transformed my place!

She also incorporates spiritual teachings that apply to cleaning and organization.  Thanks to her vision, organization and efficiency my place looks like I never imagined it could - lovely and beautiful because of her help. "  

Ivonne Lachapelle — Notre Dame de Grâce ​   

"Thank you Lori for knowing exactly what to do, and when. Whether it be de-cluttering a whole house or just one room, you have the ability to get the project done, whatever the scope. You are intelligent, very pleasant, and extremely hard working, have great organizing skills and just the right touch when it comes to making (sometimes hard) decisions about personal keepsakes. Your success is well deserved. Bravo!"

Sylvie Lafrenière — Westmount - Certified real estate broker since 1984 - top 10 best selling broker at Re/max action 


"Lori is a magnificent professional organizer and de-cluttering specialist. She helped me transform the loft and make room for my baby in such a harmonious way." 

Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow — Old Montréal - well being coach - Naturopathic doctor specializing in Ayurvedic medicine - Yoga therapy teacher with over 15 years experience


​"From the minute Lori walked through our door my husband and I felt at ease. De-cluttering can be quite a personal business but right from the start, Lori thanked us for sharing our home with her. Her sensitivity, kindness and appreciation for our belongings was evident. She always asked if she could open a cupboard or a closet – we always gave her carte blanche! She thoughtfully gave us tips on how to minimize our possessions and how to organize what we decided to keep. 

Our bookshelves are much lighter and happier, our closets can breathe and all the shoes that I store under my bed have been thoughtfully sorted and placed so that I can see each pair at a glance. I’ve never seen anyone make folding a fitted sheet so easy! 

Her sense of humor was also a help during our de-cluttering session. Often I had no idea why I was keeping something and she would have an anecdote or an analogy that would make me put my attachment to the belonging into perspective. During our four-hour session we laughed and told stories all while making our home a lighter, more livable space. 

Lori also took into account our personalities and our family dynamic. She intuitively knew not to bother sorting the kids’ corner, though I’m sure she would have if we’d asked. It’s a space in our living room that my husband and i have just accepted as being perpetually in flux. For now. We embrace the chaos that it is and find much more joy watching our kids play away happily than having everything in place. Lori just seemed to know this and we moved right on to something else. 

I highly recommend her services. The feeling of love and lightness you will have in your heart after a session with Lori is indisputable. She’s kind, patient, and unbelievably strong! The number of boxes and bags that she can haul belies her slight frame. She’s also an excellent resource for knowing what to do with your “stuff” – she had endless suggestions for us in terms of how to make sure our belongings didn’t end up in landfills but could be passed on to others who could appreciate them too. All in all, we had a wonderful, life-changing experience with Lori. I’ll continue to call her as our needs change and our lifestyle evolves".

Jane Newton — Isle des Soeurs


"Lori is a very patient and kind person. She is meticulous, truly cares about her work and is committed to helping her clients feel good about their space." 

Katia Samson — Montréal — Certified real estate broker with Sutton since 1996

"In addition to all the great stuff Lori does to help you she is an actual angel... You will not regret her hard work ethic and empathy!"

Dr. Ann Walling — Montréal - Cardiologist 


"I felt a new "lightness of being" as you predicted, in getting started on clearing the overload of a lifetime".

Linda Shohet — Montréal 


"Lori's ability to transform my chaotic cupboards and closets into organized serenity is beyond a skill set - it's her calling. Lori did not only get me organized, she worked with me to distill and prioritize my belongings - now I know that what I kept is truly important to me." 

Glenn Massad — Westmount - Director of e-presence: Habilitas Foundation 


"We want to tell you how happy and fortunate we are to have had Lori with us to assist in the preparation of our move: optimal filling of boxes, very careful packaging of fragile objects and works of art, experience and knowledge of the moving process, sense of anticipation and prevention, as well as physical and conceptual efficiency, dynamism and good mood, all with a lot of listening and respect for our own choices, priorities and concerns. " 

Monique & François Lepage — Notre Dame de Grâce 

"Hello Lori. Sylvie took me up to the house on the weekend to admire your work. I was impressed. I think you did a lovely job. I appreciate your efforts and think it should pay off. Thanks for helping us"

Betty Redwood — Westmount 

"Preparing for a move I wanted to de-clutter certain areas of my home. I did not realize at the time when I reached out to Lori that the work was going to go much deeper than that. 

Basically, I had “ghosts” in my closets that I was not even aware of. Lori, in a very soothing way brought my attention to them. I realized that I was hanging on to the old by keeping gifts given during past relationships. Clothes I was not wearing - did not represent who I am now. Even if my heart wanted new, my mind was still attached to certain material things that did not serve me. It’s as if a part of me found comfort in holding on to those emotionally binding items. After further thought I released them, feeling a sense of euphoria and later on I felt drained like a big shift had just occurred. 

What happened the following day was quite unusual! I met my future husband and someone from a past relationship that needed forgiveness reached out to make amends after 4 years. Coincidence? Well that depends on who you ask. Lori and i surely don’t think so.

I recommend working with Lori even if you are a type a super organized person. This is not just about organizing a home as you can see, Ii call it a release of the old and a chance for new to flourish. Her approach is gentle, nurturing and loving. Her insights and generosity leave you filled with love as those released items leave your home to serve someone else."

Vanesa Curutchet — Isle des Soeurs - Ayurvedic practitioner - Wellness coach


“I was so thrilled with all that we accomplished and have been telling friends and family. You were an amazing help and it was great luck when I bumped into you. The move went smoothly great thanks to all that we had organized the day before. I can't thank you enough.”

Carolyn Badger — Westmount

"Lori took care of our home with love as if it was her own. It was always a pleasure to witness. She organized our things with her own distinct style!” 

Radclyffe Rochon — Montréal - Financial investment specialist 


"Lori puts a refined Zen touch into all that she does! When she comes to our home, we are amazed at the level of attention to detail. She leaves everything looking more orderly, which brings about a feeling of calm and serenity – and that she has lightened our load."

Lucille & Valmond — Montréal


"Lori assisted me between 2012-2014. She has demonstrated strong organizational skills and self motivation. Lori’s high standard and devotion make her an exceptional person." 

Katherine Osborne — Westmount - Interior design specialist