Welcome to Lori's Love it or LEAVE IT

Welcome to Lori's Love it or LEAVE IT

Welcome to Lori's Love it or LEAVE ITWelcome to Lori's Love it or LEAVE ITWelcome to Lori's Love it or LEAVE IT

Transforming living spaces and lives



 One of the reactions I get when people learn that I am a declutter specialist is they ask,  'Oh, so you work with hoarders?'

(more often than not, 'hoarding' is born out of a traumatic event, a loss of some kind, and requires the help of a therapist) 

My clients are people who want to feel more peaceful in their space right now, not only those downsizing or moving.


Life Changing!

 Putting your home in order will positively affect other aspects of your life. 

When you release items you were not using or which did not have meaning for you anymore, you have created a space for new and interesting people or experiences to come into your life. 

There is nothing that compares with knowing your home is filled with only things you love.  (and it feels great!!)


Renewed Appreciation

 Some items are useful or mean something. That is valid. 

Nobody else can judge for you what you hold dear.   



Sometimes the hardest thing is not the actual decluttering, but being present with feelings and thoughts that arise when you begin. 

Consider this an investment in your emotional well being. You’re a busy person so bringing me in to assist is a gift you give to yourself. 

You will be able to think more clearly. You probably don't realize how much mental energy is taken up feeling overwhelmed, stressed and uncomfortable with clutter.


Get in touch if you'd like to know more about what I do and how I can assist you.

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