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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this work? 

A: We discuss your needs then set up a day and time to begin. 

Q: Then what? 

A: Together we take a look at the areas we’ll be working on and gather all similar items. When items are in one place it’s easier to get an accurate idea of the volume. An example: one client had 9 hammers. She decided on the 3 she wanted to keep and donated the rest. She had no idea she had so many! 

Q: Are there other details you could provide with regard to the process?

A: Gently, I will make suggestions but it is you and only you who will decide what will stay and what will go. I am sensitive at all times, acknowledging your personal attachment to items or reasons for keeping something. 

Q: Tackling this seems quite daunting, what can you tell me to diminish that feeling? 

A: I can tell you that the work takes time and it can seem overwhelming but working together, it will surprise you how easily and quickly you will get into the groove of releasing items. Truly, I LOVE assisting people in this process and we will have fun. A sense of humor goes a long way. You will feel proud of yourself for beginning the process. You will also feel excited when you discover how many items you are ready to release. 

Q: Where will my things go? 

A: After doing research I have a comprehensive list of organizations and locations and which items each accepts. Some organizations offer a pick-up service. Think of every item you donate a s a good deed. The purpose of any ‘thing’ is to be used. When items are packed up in boxes, buried far in the back of closets, gathering dust, not being worn, taking up space, they are not being valued and they are not fulfilling their purpose. Many people could use or need the things you’re not using anymore. Obviously some items may be broken, no longer working, and those things will be assessed and put into the garbage or to an eco center. 

Q: What other information could you provide to inspire me? 

A: You work hard all week. You may have an “I will do this later when I have more energy” THOUGHT about decluttering – also connected for some is a “go clean your room” left over from childhood kind of energy about it. I want you to know I am very hands on. For some clients, I get them to sit and I bring items to them. All you really need do is make decisions!